Mayday Parade to release new album


Cat HillMusic Columnist

The band’s anticipated release promises to be a bright spot in 2011 music releases.

With this sudden resurgence of arctic air, I’ve been dreaming of warm weather. That’s why this week, I’ve decided to profile one of my favorite Floridian bands, Mayday Parade.

Mayday Parade was founded in 2006 with their first unsigned album, Tales Told By Dead Friends, selling over 20,000 copies. Shortly after, they signed to Fearless Records and released A Lesson in Romantics in July of 2007.

In 2009, Mayday signed to major label Atlantic Records and released their second studio album, Anywhere But Here.

All three albums are beautiful in their own ways. Tales and Lesson both have the strong gruff voice of former vocalist, Jason Lancaster (now of Go Radio) that pulls the pieces together in a calming but effective powerhouse.

After Jason’s departure, the band released Anywhere and the songs on it have their own glorifying nature. They’re just really fun songs with an inspiring message behind many of them. But now, I’d like to talk about an EP that I have a feeling will steal my heart. Valdosta, dropping March 8, is probably one of my most anticipated releases this year.

Mayday has streamed “Terrible Things” off of this album and I got goosebumps from just the first listen. It begins with incredible vocals atop the sounds of a beautiful piano. Then as the song progresses, guitars and more emotion than I thought possible are injected into the mix.

I don’t think the word “floored” even begins to describe my reaction. I have been awaiting a song like this for a very, very long time and I can see that my wait has not been in vain.

These five boys have blown me away and I can bet Valdosta will be one of my favorite albums of 2011.

Be sure to check out Valdosta when it drops on March 8 and all of the other albums available on iTunes. Happy listening!

#1.2042931:3074700092.png:mayday-parade–newmainpub–photo-by-gage-young-extralarge_1296501611254.png:On March 8, Mayday Parade will release an acoustic EP, titled Valdosta, featuring two new songs and acoustic version of four previous songs. :Photo by