Right decision for vets resource center

The Editorial Board

Issue: SDSU Students’ Association and the South Dakota Board of Regents have publicly spoken out against a bill that would have required universities to establish a veterans resource center without funding.

We have nothing but the respect and reverence for the brave men and women that nobly sacrifice so much for their country, and we cannot thank them enough. They deserve much more than they receive.

However, we do not support the South Dakota Legislature requiring costly actions while not providing any funds, even if it does go toward a good cause. The bill in the Legislature required BOR universities to have a veterans resource center but did not provide any funding. The funding then would have most likely been passed on to the students.

After passing in the house, the bill was amended to say universities “may” create a veterans resource center rather than requiring universities to create one. The bill failed in the senate on March 1.

But before the wording was changed and before the bill failed, SA and the BOR opposed the bill, and we are glad they were brave enough to make this fiscally responsible decision. It’s hard to oppose funding that would benefit a deserving group of people, especially people as deserving as our veterans. However, being brave enough to take a shrewd yet potentially unpopular stance should be commended. SA and the BOR made the right choice in opposing this unfunded mandate, and we’re glad the bill has been put to rest.

That’s not to say we oppose a verterans resource center, even if it is funded by student dollars. Like any project on campus, student opinions should be taken into account. SA recently surveyed students on how much more they’d be willing to pay for certain buildings and services. If the Veteran’s Club and others believe students are willing to pay for this, we suggest they conduct a similar survey.

Stance: It’s hard to say no to people as important as veterans, but not supporting unfunded mandates is not the same as not supporting the troops. We’re glad those in power realized this as well.

Editorial Board:

Tony Gorder, Editor-in-Chief

Emma DeJong, Managing Editor

Elizabeth Reiss, Opinion Editor

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