Journalism department implements common-sense policy


Issue: The SDSU journalism and mass communication department recently enacted a department-wide policy banning the use of “Internet, social media, games, text messages, and unauthorized Web-based and mobile applications” during class unless specifically instructed otherwise.

Most staff at The Collegian have some sort of association with mass communications department, and  we were shocked by this new policy. We were shocked because we already thought that this was a policy, or at least a tacit understanding.

What’s even more shocking is the reaction to this policy. One Facebook post by a mass communications student generated 26 comments, most of them upset with the new policy.

But why the outrage?

Many professors — regardless of department — have policies requesting that students refrain from using their phone and the Internet during class. This policy isn’t anything different from what we’ve experienced in almost all of our journalism classes.

Even if there wasn’t a department-wide policy, and even if professors didn’t have individual policies, we hope that by the time one enters college, one understands that it’s unprofessional and disrespectful not to pay attention while someone is trying to speak.

Apparently this is not the case, as the department felt that students couldn’t extend this common courtesy without being coerced into doing so.

Stance: Why anyone would be upset with respectful and professional conduct is beyond us.

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Tony Gorder, Editor-in-Chief

Emma DeJong, Managing Editor

Elizabeth Reiss, Opinion Editor

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