SDSYou winners selected


There were six winners in all, but only one of them took home the big prize.

The best viral video producers at South Dakota State were unveiled at the SDSYou video contest on March 29 at the Fishback Theatre.

The theatre transformed into a scene from a Hollywood movie premier with all the shiny decorations, golden tickets, and giant blow-up award statues.

The selection committee received an astounding thirty-one entries. Despite all the great entries, only seventeen made the committee’s final cut. Once the submissions were narrowed down, judging began. Each video was placed into five different categories: The winner of each category received a $75 award. After much deliberation, the five winners were chosen.

Funniest: Foosball, submitted by Dan Dismounts.

Best Special Effects: Ping Pong Madness, submitted by Maria DeCesare.

Best Acting: Who’s Waldo?, submitted by Caleb Shives.

Most Artistic: Giving Up the Gun, by Across the Flying Circus.

Best Advertisement: My Life in Snuggies, Submitted by Betsy Jibben.

After all the videos were played, the audience got a chance to makes its pick for best picture. After the votes were tallied, the $200 winner was Coke, The Movie, submitted by Grady Miller.

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