Editor should apologize for unfunny JFK joke

Letters to the Editor

I always look forward to reading each issue of The Collegian. I feel the reporters and columnists put a lot of thought and hard work into their writings. However, my heart sank as I came across an entry in the special edition entitled The Collagen with the March 30, 2011 issue. This issue was in celebration of April Fools Day and readers were advised that the articles therein were not to be taken serious and that everything was written in good fun.

The column “Jacks React” was clever and fun except for the last entry. That one crossed the line. It featured a smiling First Lady Jackie Kennedy and her answer to the question “Where will you be going for the coming semester break?” The written response “My husband and I are going down to Dallas, Texas” was not funny and it was not in good fun. The cold blooded murder of one’s husband is not a subject for laughter and neither is the assassination of a country’s president. I was very saddened upon reading it. An apology is due to your readers.


Yvonne R. Fetzer