Super Student: Ending college career in the same way others begin theirs


For many SDSU students, the first experience they have on campus is the infamous campus tour. I have never been on an official campus tour, but I have seen many campus tours taking place. It’s hard to miss campus tours when they’re happening. A campus tour usually consists of a group of ecstatic individuals hanging onto every word the tour guide says accompanied by their children.

Campus tours are an extremely important part of the college experience. Recently, I had the opportunity to participate in an unofficial campus tour. My wife’s cousin asked if we wouldn’t mind showing him and his girlfriend around campus on a recent Sunday afternoon. Us being the kind, gentle-hearted, generous people we are, said yes.

We met Z and M, along with Z’s parents, at The Union. That is where the tour would begin. Our first stop was The Collegian offices in The Union basement. This was a great stop because it allowed Z and M to witness part of the newspaper’s pre-production meeting. It allowed them to be introduced to the editor-in-chief, the managing editor, and the sports editor (at least I think it was the sports editor, his face was buried in a Mac so I couldn’t be too sure).

After the introductions were complete we took the group upstairs and showed them Einstein Bros., Weary Wil’s, and the Hobo Day Gallery. Unfortunately, the Hobo Day Gallery was closed for an event, but we got to show them what I wanted to show them: the Bum-mobile and the photo of President Eisenhower driving the Bum-mobile.

With the important stops in The Union taken care of, we made our way toward the Wellness Center. The folks at the front desk were kind enough to let us walk through without having to scan our IDs. We showed Z and M all of the various workout machines, including the treadmill I use when I workout during Glenn Beck.

Our next stop was Briggs Library where we made the obligatory stop at the model of SDSU and did our best to point out the buildings we had been to (like I said, I have witnessed a lot of campus tours). At the library, we took a little break and answered some questions that Z and M had. It was a good stop for them because people were actually in the library and that it is not a building that needs to be feared.

It started to rain while we were in the library, so we decided it was best to continue the tour by way of motorcar. We all piled into Z’s parents’ SUV for a drive around campus. We drove up to the administration building and Avera Hall. We drove past Crothers, Harding, Lincoln, and Pugsley halls. We drove past the best building on campus: Scobey Hall. We showed them the Ag Heritage Building, Animal Science and the meat sales counter, Dairy Micro and the dairy bar. I think Z and M got a lot out our little tour. I know that Z is coming to SDSU next year and when M graduates high school, I hope she does too.

Tony is a non-traditional student majoring in economics. Reach him at [email protected]