Nick Wendell named Jackrabbit of the Year



The Students’ Association selects the Jackrabbit of the Year every year, and this year was Nick’s time to shine.

“I was just kind of surprised about it,” Nick said. “I was on SA when we started the Jackrabbit of the Year award. I was just really shocked to find out it was me, and really honored.”

Not thinking twice, Nick emailed his wife, Kelly, who is coordinator of communications at SDSU.

“It’s very gratifying for Nick,” Kelly said. “He is in his field because he cares about students, so being recognized by them is quite an honor.”

Nick graduated from SDSU in December 2004 and returned in 2006 to serve as program adviser for the University Program Council before becoming assistant director of student activities in 2008.

Nick has been involved in many projects that have gained notoriety and have changed student life on campus. Some of those include the Hobo Day Gallery, Meet State, Lead State and Greek Village. On some of those projects, Nick worked closely with his wife.

“The reasons [SA] cited for selecting Nick all have to do with the initiatives he’s been involved with to enhance student life and the SDSU experience,” Kelly said. “That’s something he is truly passionate about.”

Former SA President Brett Monson said Nick was the perfect fit for the award.

“The award was established because there’s always more room for recognition at SDSU,” Monson said. “Nick’s a great mentor, he’s always willing to listen and his passion for student success is very evident. He helped bring back the spirit. He’s really done things to serve all students on campus in some way, shape, or form.”

Nick was recognized during the SA banquet on March 28, and the award will be commemorated with a plaque placed in the SA office.

“I’m really proud of Nick because when he came back to SDSU as a professional, he had a lot of ideas,” Kelly said. “A lot of people have goals that often go by the wayside, but Nick is someone who is willing to put in the extra hours and effort to make things happen. He’s been able to see some of his goals come to fruition because of his dedication.”

“To me, it’s just a really huge honor to be recognized by a group of powerful students at SDSU,” Nick said. “Any recognition coming from students is powerful and it means a lot to me.”