Rebekah Scott Designs provides handcrafted fashion accessories


Looking for a cute, new spring accessory made locally? I have the perfect designer for you.

Fashion Columnist

Rebekah Scott is an accessory designer from Valley Springs, S.D. Scott designs cute custom handbags, headbands, head wraps, bobby pins, scarves, brooches, “babby” dresses, Ivy Toes, and Gus Stompers.

Scott got into designing when she was a newlywed and had no way of buying Christmas gifts for family and friends. Due to her financial situation, Scott decided to sew a couple purses and give them away as gifts. Through word of mouth and great product recommendations, that spiraled into a business.

All of Scott’s purses are made out of heavy to mid-weight fabric as to maintain washability and durability. They also come with pockets galore and in many sizes so you can always find a fun, yet functional bag!

“I just love the Ashley bag,” said Hope Stapleton, a sophomore business economics major. “It is so cute and has everything I was looking for in a purse.”

The Ashley bag is smaller with a long, adjustable strap that can worn cross-body.

“I really like that all her purses are fun and funky in many different sizes and loads of pockets,” said Brooke Feickert, a sophomore nursing major.

Scott says she gets her inspiration for bags and accessories from architectural and structural buildings. She also names all her bags after influential women in her life that fit the personality of the bag. Scott also adds functionality to each of her bags, probably because of her experience as a mom with two young children.

Scott said the best part of her job is being able to work from home and spend time with her children. One of her favorite accessories was inspired by her own children.

Ivy Toes and Gus Stompers are baby feet accessories for babies who can’t walk yet. They have cute fabric designs with a soft sole and add the perfect touch to any baby outfit for both boys and girls.

Laura Bartcher, a freshman apparel merchandising major and SDSU sales associate for Rebekah Scott Designs, loves babysitting Scotts kids and promoting her design line even more.

Bartcher and Scott met at church youth group. Batcher started babysitting Scott’s kids before becoming a sales associate for her designs on campus.

“I love selling Rebekah’s designs because she is such a big-hearted person and very fashionable with the young crowd,” Bartcher said.

Bartcher says her favorite thing about selling Scott’s designs is meeting new people and spreading great fashion around campus.

“My top seller for SDSU would have to be the bobby pins and headbands,” Bartcher said. “College girls like to express themselves through fun hair pieces.”

As a fashion expert, I would have to agree. I own a sweet red rosé set headband and four funky colored bobby pins that I wear all the time to keep my pesky bangs at bay.

Overall, Rebekah Scott Design is fun, fresh, functional, and funky. I give her an A-plus for all her purses and accessories.

If you want to see more Rebekah Scott Designs, you can find her on Facebook (Rebekah Scott Designs) or at or her website

Bartcher is also available via text message at 605-595-1179 for dorm or apartment parties, or mini showings for you and your friends.

Until the fall, have a fun and fashionable summer. Peace, fashion lovers!