“Honor Your Office” Luncheon featuring Malcom Chapman


Administrative Professional’s Day, Wednesday, April 27th 12-1 PM

Days Inn Convention Center

Lunch will be served promptly at noon

This fundraising event is open to all friends of the shelter. Meals are $25/person. Please contact the Brookings Domestic Abuse Shelter at 692-7233 for additional details or to register.


Malcom Chapman presents The Five Powers

People are hungry for work that’s exciting and meaningful.  As work changes, so does the work experience—from “me” to “we.”  In the future, organizations where people, at all levels, take risks and make decisions, where total teamwork and imagination are the rule not the exception, where diverse teams learn to adapt, embrace and move on from change, and equally important where teams learn to truly grow is found in the art of thinking…is an organization from the future.  This is the hard work of being a world-class organization.  But, when it clicks, the result is a seamless experience.  That’s what we want our customers (internal and external) to feel.  And by the way…THE FUTURE IS NOW.