Motivational poster of the week: Adventure

Ben Lippert

Juice Editor

Does this picture remind you of a typical Brookings intersection on a warm spring day?

It’s easy to get to the point where you feel like there is no adventure in your life. You stick to the routine; get up, make coffee, go to class, work out, do homework, eat something when you have a chance, go to sleep, and repeat.

In fact the only real surprise comes when you find out Larson Commons is having “Carnival Night,” which might be your only chance to sing karaoke with Hellen.

Trust me, I know how that feels.

It seems like the only excitement in your life comes on the weekends when you have some free time to go out with friends. But even then, how exciting is a case of Keystone’s for the twelfth weekend in a row?

While I don’t recommend crossing the Nile in your off-road vehicle, I hope that adventure will find you soon.

An “adventure” is defined as, an unusual and exciting (typically hazardous) experience or activity.

This week, take a break from your routine and do something unique. You don’t need to BASE jump off the Campanile to find an adventure, but you do need to take a chance.