20 things to do before you graduate


The ultimate list of events considered essential to maximizing the College experience.

Do something  for spring break:

and “do something” means more than going home.

Visit the art and agriculture museums:

it’s free, and checking them out makes you look intelligent

Join a club:

please see a19-22 for more information of organizations at SDSU.

Attend an away sporting event:

bring your school spirit on the road.

Gotta eat ‘em all:

eat every single flavor of SDSU ice cream

Foster some facial hair envy:

admire President Chicoine’s mustache. Remember: look but don’t touch.

Buy meat from the meat lab:

meet the meat peeps, and bring home steaks for mom and dad.

Climb the campaniille:

look down at your fellow pupils, literally.

Play in intramurals:

like sports but weren’t good enough to play at SDSU? Here you go.

Bookmark the collegian website:


Stop and smell the roses:

take a stroll through McCrory Gardens.

Attend a cultural event:

the festival of cultures (pictured) will get your fix.

Watch the SDSU football team play USD:

just don’t throw dead animals anywhere.

Start your morning sunny side up:

get an omelette from Helen at Larson Commons.

Participate in hobo week:

take a leap of faith and check out the morning parade.

Eat at Nick’s:

tiny, succulent burgers.

Ice skating at Larson ice arena:


Do the Jacked-up Rabbit Race:

Hate sleep? This is for you.

See a concert or play:

not just Cory Crowder (pictured), either.

Hug jack:

who doesn’t want a fuzzy hug?