The Collegian will keep you informed


We at The Collegian want to welcome you to SDSU.

We are excited the school year has finally begun, and we’re ready to provide you with critical and dependable news and entertainment.

When you open up the paper throughout this year, plan to read everything from game coverage to play reviews to political debates. Some topics to look forward to this semester include:

• An in-depth look at religion on campus

• Regular coverage of SDSU’s budget situation

• Up-to-date information about campus expansion

•    Feature writing on new SDSU faculty members

•    A look at the health of SDSU students

As the prominent news provider for the university, we commit to keeping you informed about decisions authorities make and how those decisions will affect students.

This is not an easy time for SDSU. We are making up for a $3.825 million budget cut announced last spring that’s impacting the university today.

Through these tough times, though, we commit to keeping you in-the-know. We will provide you news and entertainment with our weekly print product, as well as exclusive online coverage, video and – for the first time ever – podcasts.

Thanks for reading, watching and listening.