SDSU welcomes back the Jacks

Kyrstin Baker

Welcome back Jackrabbits to another year of late night study sessions, Ultimate Frisbee, and chicken alfredo in The Market. The summer may be over, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to end. The University Program Council has been hard at work planning events to make this year a great one, beginning with the annual Welcome Back Bash.

Aside from the truck loads of free food and prizes, there were tons of fun to be had on Monday night. This year, following Convocation, hundreds of students eagerly gathered in the Coughlin-Alumni Stadium despite the pending storm.

“I think the weather is pretty good, even with the overcast,” said Keri Konstant, the UPC recreation and travel coordinator. She and other UPC coordinators were strategically placed around the many inflatables, such as the jousting ring and the obstacle course, to referee the students’ fun.

In addition to the inflatables, the band Ada Jane was there to entertain the crowd with its unique style of music.

“They’re three stand-up fellows that I really enjoy working with. It was a treat to bring them to campus,” said Alex Kunz, UPC’s concerts coordinator. He went on to describe its music as “chill, acoustic and good to relax to.” True words, as it seemed the students seated around the stage enjoying the picnic were very relaxed.

After a hectic move-in weekend, the picnic was a chance for freshmen to relax and soak in their first event at SDSU.

“It’s fantastic,” said Linsey Sui, a freshman psychology major. “It makes me tired just looking around at everyone.”

Sui’s friend and fellow freshman, pre-veterinary major Anisse Pereirn, said her favorite parts of the Bash were the games and inflatables.

At the end of the night, many raffle prizes were given away and SDSU students started to imitate Jersey Shore with an abundance of fist pumping.

“I’m glad to see so many students and faculty come out and show their true blue and yellow colors,” said Tyler Storms, UPC’s special events coordinator. Welcome Back Bash ended with a quick migration to the Performing Arts Center for the screening of the new 2011 movie Thor.

Another convocation and Welcome Back Bash has come and gone, here’s to another great year.