Zombie book not for faint of heart

Jonathan Willett

If you have an aversion to gore and realism, this book will not be for you.  Max Brook’s World War Z is a graphic peek into the world rebuilding after mankind’s war against the zombie outbreak.

You may recognize Brook’s name both from his highly acclaimed Zombie Survival Guide, as well as his famous father, Mel Brooks. While the comedic styling between father and son could not be more different, Max established himself not only in the realms or dark comedy, but in the realms of historical fiction as well.

World War Z shows a varied perspective on the worldwide zombie outbreak, from former infantry soldiers to survivalist civilians. The story of the war is told through the collective memories of the survivors. The survivors paint a horrifying picture of life after the war, and, despite the genre, the accounts could not feel more real.

Brook’s novel is not for the faint of heart; there are many scenes that shake even the most callous reader. But the realism, despite the gore, adds to the story’s punch as a warrior survival epic.

The novel is a few years old, however, after viewing screen shots from the coming movie starring Brad Pitt, I felt that this novel was worth exploring. Although, I initially envisioned a series similar to The Walking Dead following my first read.

While shocking, and often horrifying, World War Z is an intriguing read that should challenge the limits of what many readers are accustomed to. I recommend that you push through the more gruesome sections to capture the overall message.

Suggested Reading: The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks and Fallen Angels by Walter Myers.