Five bands that made a splash this summer


My favorite part about the summer is all of the concerts! I have so many opportunities to check out the music scene, beyond that of South Dakota, that I can’t help but dive in any chance I get. So with that, I’ll give you a recap of some of the bands that stood out to me.

The Jealous Sea: These guys are a Boston-based band. I first saw them in early June and they immediately caught my attention. I couldn’t believe how they presented themselves. And by that, I mean they kept me captivated during the entire performance. They created a fun and exciting environment in the cramped venue that they played. It was the first band to play, and I understand how tough that can be. However, The Jealous Sea took that in stride and got the kids in the crowd fired up and put on a fantastic show. They covered Justin Bieber’s “Baby” and made the song infinitely more tolerable. I have nothing against bands covering songs, and these guys do it very well. I also saw them in August and they covered Nicki Minaj’s “Superbass”, and again, I was impressed.

Light The City: This band is based out of Hartford, Conn. Upon first listen, I was blown away. These guys definitely have an incredible stage presence and know how to work a crowd. During some of their more popular songs, I could barely hear the band over the fans singing along. I was in awe. The next thing that shocked me was the age of the front man; he is only 19-years-old. Mature beyond his years in his lyrics and ability, I was extremely impressed by this band and I can see great things for it in the future.

Simple Plan: Okay guys, don’t judge me. Simple Plan is no longer that band from middle school that every emo kid and their emo dog listened to. While it may have drifted from the sound it presented in “Shut Up!”, “Welcome To My Life” and “Perfect”, it certainly hasn’t changed who it is. It’s still the fun loving band that aims to bring relatable songs. “This Song Saved My Life” was actually written by fans who sent in the impact music had on them to the band’s twitter. I thought this take was unique. Simple Plan released its most recent album on June 21, 2011. I saw these guys on this year’s Vans Warped Tour. I had dreamed of that moment since I first fell in love with them in eighth grade, and when it arrived I had great expectations. These boys did not disappoint. I turned into that fan girl that everyone hates, but I have no qualms about it. I was ecstatic to see a great band put on a great show.

Every Avenue: This was my fourth time seeing Every Avenue and if I could relive this summer’s set, I would. It put on an incredible show and the atmosphere was phenomenal. The entire band displayed an incredible amount of passion and that changes the entire feel of a show. People were jumping, screaming, moving and really getting into the music. I could not help but get caught up in it all. Every Avenue is definitely a band to look into. You won’t be disappointed.

Sparks The Rescue: The final band in my Summer 2011 recap is Sparks The Rescue. I’ve seen it six times and they’ve certainly grown on me. I wasn’t so sure of it when I first saw it, but that quickly changed this year. I saw it in Sioux Falls and that’s where my love started to blossom. I jumped on the opportunity to see these guys again on Aug. 13. Their show was amazing. I don’t think I can count a single dull moment in that entire set. Since the show was sold out, Alex, the front man, tweeted about an acoustic set outside the venue. Of course I stuck around, we sang some Sparks’ songs, but also some covers, Third Eye Blind and Gin Blossoms, anyone? The acoustic set lasted around an hour and created one of my greatest memories of the summer.