Cavorts showcases student talent

Jordan Smith

Every year hilarity and talent are showcased at SDSU’s talent show known simply as Cavorts.

Cavorts takes place during Hobo Week and offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for students to get on stage and perform in front of over a thousand attendees. The event is organized by the University Program Council in order to help students showcase their talents.

“While many people may think that because we are in South Dakota we may not have the same quality of performance as they do in big cities – say LA or New York – we do, or we think we do anyway,” said UPC Showcase Coordinator Elliot Strand.

According to event organizers everyone is welcome to audition for Cavorts. Sign-ups will continue at the UPC office until Oct. 6 at noon. Auditions will then take place at 4 p.m. on Oct. 6 at the Performing Arts Center.

For many, it may be the thought of auditions that scares them away.

Tom Brinker, last year’s host and event coordinator said he was a little apprehensive his first time during try-outs, but encourages students to get involved.

“It is a great thing to say ‘Yes’ to,” said Brinker.

Cavorts is a “positive experience for involvement on campus,” said Alex Kunz, UPC concerts coordinator. “I saw the dedication it took and connection of people involved and it seemed like the type of thing that myself and more people would like to be involved in.”

According to Brinker, one of the acts last year performed in front of a large audience for the first time, and then went on to perform at dozens of events following their Cavorts experience.

Brinker said for him, the best moment was “performing two years ago, and last year being able to coordinate and host the event.”

When asked what some of the best and worst moments of Cavorts last year were, neither Strand nor Brinker could come up with any “worst” moments.  They both agreed that the best moment was “the entire show.”

The beginnings of Cavorts seem to be “lost in legend,” even Tom Brinker was unable to find out its origins last year.

But the showcase has students coming back year-after-year. Last year the show sold out.

Another draw for student performers is the prizes. First, second and third places are awarded a cash prize of $300, $200, and $100, respectively. Outside judges are brought in to ensure a fair competition.

As an added bonus, this year the ‘People’s Choice’ trophy is being introduced. Audience members will be able to vote for their favorite act.