Editor hopes to offer variety of opinions

Laura Cox

I always find it entertaining when school starts again. The town goes from being so slow to having actual traffic. Much the same happens with brain cells as school starts, too. After a lazy summer, it is time to start those synapses a firin’.

I am the opinion editor for the year and lately I have been shaking my brain out of summer hibernation and putting those cells to work for you. This year I hope to bring you many fine and wonderful opinions from your fellow students and student leaders, so I have been planning and thinking and now writing to tell you all about it.

First up, for those of you unfamiliar with the opinion page, all articles represented on these pages are opinions. They represent the views of people from all different perspectives. For example, if I were to publish an article on the health benefits of using glitter in all art projects, you probably should take that with a grain of salt. It is my opinion that shinyness in art is an absolute necessity and also that glitter is good for the soul.

So what is in store for you this year?

We have some returning columnists, though I am sorry to inform any Keith Brumley fans that he has left SDSU for the wider world and sadly can no longer write for the Collegian.

I am very excited to introduce an agriculture columnist, who should help bring the college back to our roots as an ag school. I am excited to see what myth-busting she will do this year.

Next up are a few fun things. I hope to bring back the series of religious columns and the left versus right politics analyses. Plus, I am in the process of working with SA to bring you the opinions of your representatives on the many issues that SA addresses because those issues affect you.

Most of all, this semester I want to bring you some variety. I hope to make these pages a place where conversations on all different topics will start, even though we know we will not all agree.

All right, now that the serious part of the column is mostly written, I have to expand on this glitter thing.

Glitter is good for the soul because it reminds me of rainbows. And what could rainbows possibly remind you of, but unicorns? Who could harbor bad feelings in their souls when thinking of unicorns? Certainly not me!

Back to serious topics though, I am excited to be running the opinion section this year and really want to encourage letters to the editor.

Without those letters, I do not know if I am doing my job well. If no one is writing, I am going to have to resort to filling space with columns on everyday objects. You know, things like garden gnomes, sidewalk chalk and stairs. (I really hope you are trying to figure out what I could possibly write about those.)

The point is, please write to me. I know you have things to say.

Laura is a senior journalism major. Reach her at [email protected]