Mold problems a concern for faculty


SDSU faculty senate members hope to improve awareness or revamp a policy to improve communication with unsafe work environments after complaints of poor conditions in rooms throughout Scobey Hall.

Last week, the senate dedicated a chunk of its agenda to an open discussion on an issue that English professor and Senate Vice President Michael Keller said, “is serious enough that we shouldn’t just dawdle with it.”

Some faculty members with offices in Scobey Hall believe the building’s mold and mildew problems present a high potential for allergic reactions and several respiratory problems. Individuals have varying susceptibility to the effects of mold buildup, but Keller heard several informal complaints of deteriorating health from people in the building upon investigating the severity of the issue.

“I was quite stunned actually, to hear from all the people that said ‘I have all these health problems, I’m going to the doctor,’” Keller said.

SDSU’s current procedure for filing formal complaints on environmental safety in buildings on campus takes multiple steps. Campus Facilities and Services take complaints, but the process only finalizes after filing the complaint to the Human Resources department. The method “veers off into two different ways,” says Senate President Robert Watrel.

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