Freshmen receive helping hand with new advising center

Jordan Smith

Freshmen now have a place all their own with the addition of the First Year Advising Center.

Located in the Wintrode Student Center, the FYAC will provide academic and personal support to first-year students. Until this year, freshmen did not have a place specifically aimed at helping them adjust to college.

“We are very connected to student success, and very dedicated to contact with students. We all value student success and believe all students can be successful with contact and resources,” said Program Coordinator Jody Owen. “Nearly all first-year students are advised here.  The only exceptions are pre-nursing, pre-pharmacy, chemistry and architecture.”

Each advisor takes on certain majors while undecided students are split among all six full-time advisors. In addition, Jody Owen acts as both an advisor and the program coordinator.

Students are in contact with their advisors at least four times a year through phone calls, email and Facebook.  The FYAC takes a holistic approach to advising.  First-year students are offered support for more than academic needs, class scheduling, and career exploration, they are also given support for personal issues as a result of college life.

Advisors are generally available for first-year students unsure what career path to take.  All of the advisors in Wintrode are advisors for the University College and will help students make connections to opportunities and resources available at SDSU.

The FYAC connects students with a variety of services. One of the most important services is tutoring, which takes place at Wintrode as well.

“It is great to be in one location for easy referrals,” Owen said.

The central location is intended to ensure students receive the help they need.

“I think it is good that the advising and tutoring is all in one building,” freshman Carley Siewert said.  “My advisor has been very helpful.”

There are about 2,000 students connected to the FYAC. They must each meet with their advisor at least once for scheduling.  So far this semester, more than 400 students have used the tutoring center, while more than 500 students have used other available services.

“It was really helpful and my advisor answered all of my questions, even if she had to look up the answers,” said Jenna Stephens, another freshman student.