Who’s the man inside the box?


A new statue will be unveiled to commemorate SDSU’s beloved Weary Wil.

Weary Wil is currently living life in a box.

Hobo Day festivities on Nov. 4 will include the unveiling and dedication of the long-time Hobo Day school symbol — only this time as a statue.

The unveiling will include the landscape garden plaza around the statue on The Union’s north side. Until then, Wil

spends his days in a 10 foot pine box.

The cheerful hobo by choice, Wil is a cherished tradition for many alumni and current students. It is a memory the Alumni Board has been committed to commemorating for years and was integral in making the statue come to life.

“Our Alum Board has worked tirelessly to make this new plaza a possibility, and also the Hobo Gallery from last year a reality,” said Union Director Jennifer Novotny.

Wil is cast in the likeness of SDSU graduate  and former state senator David Blagen. Novotny noted there are more than a few hidden surprises included in Wil’s attire students will have to search for.

Crews have been installing the eight-and-a-half-foot tall statue and preparing the grounds for the ceremony. One crew finished putting the finishing touches on the plaza for the upcoming unveiling. Another crew is responsible for the landscaping around the statue, expected for completion by the end of the week.

The news about the statue is unbeknownst to some students.

“I’ve heard a lot of people talking about it. They said they were building a statue of Wil by the Union, but no one I’ve talked to has seen it yet,” said student Brent Kramer.

According to Novotny, Weary Wil and the Hobo Gallery of the Student Union are part of an Alumni Board and Administration collaboration to include school tradition themed art on campus.

She added a hint of mystery to the campus beautification process.

“We’re hoping to give Wil a companion sculpture in the near future,” Novotny said.