Keep a D-1 Demeanor

Editoral Board

Issue: The SDSU men’s basketball team plays USD Jan. 12. It will be the biggest rivalry game of the season, and fans will likely show all kinds of sportsmanship.

Let’s keep the spirit alive — in every sense of the word.

We know it’s the big rivalry. We know it can be a thrill to do crazy, extreme things in college. We know it may even all be in good fun.

But no matter what defense you want to give, throwing a dead coyote — or jackrabbit — onto the basketball court is offensive and senseless.

For one, it shows absolutely no class. We’re Division I now. Scouts and alumni will watch this game. We want them to see we deserve to be here.

Let’s take a moment to ponder something no one should have to ponder. First, one must find the dead coyote. Or dead rabbit, depending. The “where” and the “how” are a bit of a mystery, and it’s probably better that way. Then, at some point the animal will likely end up in someone’s freezer. We at The Collegian are all about personal freedom, but no one should be OK with a dead animal — complete with fur and a tail — sitting next to their stack of Totino’s pizzas. Eventually, the carcass — maybe frozen, maybe thawed — must be smuggled into the game. Wikipedia says coyotes weigh between 15 and 46 pounds. Concealing a heavy, dead animal seems to be nothing more than pointless and disgusting.

More important than anything else, is the fact that the act shows no respect for the team. Head coach Scott Nagy said it well at a press conference Jan. 9.

“If you’re the home team and you’re throwing stuff on the floor, you’re just saying that you don’t care about your basketball team,” he said. “You just care about if you’re having some fun.”

So maybe all this should go without saying. Actually, it definitely should go without saying.

Please, make us be the ones who look foolish for even mentioning this juvenile practice.

Stance: Don’t throw dead animals on the floor.