Columnist: Romney presents strong qualifications for job

Keenan Watson

Barring an unforeseen meltdown, the Republican Party’s nominee for president will be Mitt Romney.

His candidacy is now all but inevitable with other candidates dropping out of the race and throwing their support behind the former Massachusetts Governor. He also appears to be the best-suited candidate the Republican Party has at the moment. His experience as a business leader and as a successful governor makes him an ideal candidate for the upcoming election in fall of 2012.

While Mitt Romney has not always been leading in the polls leading up to the Republican primaries, he has remained steady. Many of the other candidates who had miraculously jumped to the front eventually fell back to the bottom of the polls. The fact that he has been able to weather all of the attacks his opponents have thrown his way shows he is able to withstand a general election campaign. His qualifications will make him a good presidential candidate and a great leader.

The most important issue among voters still remains jobs and the economy. That has not changed since the last presidential election. Romney’s record on job creation during his term as governor makes him a very attractive choice for prospective voters. Also, having spent most of his life in the private sector Romney will have more knowledge of how the economy works.

By spending most of his career away from Washington D.C. Romney can also show he is an outsider not mired in the day-to-day bickering most Americans are tired of. Because of this emphasis on the economy, social issues will mostly fall to the way side and Americans will vote on who they believe will get them back to work.

Also it is my personal belief that former governors and business leaders make more effective Presidents than lawyers and members of congress, like Senators for example. As a former governor Mitt Romney has more real world leadership experience. He will know how to delegate decisions to his subordinates.

An example of such leadership abilities can be seen in Romney’s handling of the 2002 Winter Olympic Games. The games were in a crisis situation then Mitt Romney came in and saved the day. Most importantly, serving as a governor means that one would have experience … in, of all things, governing.  Mitt Romney should be the 2012 Republican Nominee and the next President of the United States because he has proven that he has the skills to be an effective leader and bring America back to economic stability. We are right now seeing the results of a President learning on the job.