Wellness Center Offers Free Group Exercise Classes

Tamora Rosenbaum

The SDSU Wellness center is currently offering unlimited free group exercise classes now through Jan. 16 so students can try classes before they buy passes.

These classes include everything from water aerobics and spinning to Pilates, yoga, Zumba, and more. The schedule for each week will remain constant throughout the semester, unless changes need to be made for unforeseen reasons.

Tami Bergan, a graduate assistant for group exercise and personal training at the Wellness Center, says group exercise classes can be integral to maintaining motivation for regular exercise.

“For a lot of people, it is easier and more fun to work out with a group than to work out alone. Once people try out a class, they are more likely to come back for more,” said Bergan.

Bergan said the classes are designed to challenge people of all levels, from those who workout regularly to those who maybe take walking across campus as their only normal form of exercise. She said she encourages those who have not tried group fitness classes before to give them a shot now.

“Don’t be intimidated; if you’re interested, just try it out. It doesn’t matter what fitness level you are currently at, everyone exercises at their own level,” she said.

Sonja Langseth, a graduate student at SDSU, has attended Total Body Ripper and spinning classes at the Wellness Center. She appreciates that the classes are affordable and convenient, as well as a great form of regular exercise.

“There are classes each day of the week at different times throughout the day, and this makes it easier to fit exercise into my busy schedule,” she said. “I would really encourage going to a few of the free classes to find out if group exercise is something you would enjoy and want to stick with. Group exercise classes are a fun alternative to a regular solitary workout.”

All the gear recommended while participating in these classes is: a water bottle, appropriate workout clothing and tennis shoes. Sweat towels are available at the front desk of the Wellness Center, and any other required equipment, such as mats or free weights, will be provided.

After Jan. 16, Cardio Cards will be required for participation in group-exercise classes. These cards are $50 for the entire semester. However, passes will be available at the front desk of the Wellness Center for pick-up before participation in a class during the week of Jan. 9 to 16. These passes, signed by the instructor upon completion of the class, will be good for five dollars off of the purchase price of a Cardio Card.

For specific information on which classes are offered at what times during the week, schedules can be picked up at the front desk in the Wellness Center, or viewed on the community fitness page of their website: www.sdstate.edu/wellness-center/.