Columnist reveals 2011’s TV hits


American Horror Story: Ryan Murphy seems capable of doing no wrong when it comes to creating new television series. I found that Murphy topped himself last year when he helped create the new series American Horror Story. No one has ever attempted to create a truly great horror series for television and I for one am thankful that Murphy decided to do just that. He gives the series that twisted sexual quality that seemed to be his signature on Nip/Tuck. Within each episode, the series manages to create a high sense of terror and dread that I would have never thought possible for a weekly television series. The actors in the series are all great, and the plot unfolds as it should. Television viewers nowadays want answers right away, but I love American Horror Story because it chooses not to do that. Instead, each episode reveals just a little more about the characters and allows viewers to be that much more terrified than they were before. It’s part Rosemary’s Baby, part Amityville Horror, yet still original in its own right and easily my favorite from 2011.


Jessica Lange: Television has become the format in which many of film’s best actresses find the role of a lifetime. Lange is in her 60s and has already garnered two Oscars for her work in film, but I think that she has delivered her best work yet as Constance in American Horror Story. While all of the actors on the show are great, Lange is the one that I personally could not wait to see onscreen in every episode. Viewers never know what to think of Constance, but they should know what to think of Lange; she is an actress at the top of her game giving one of the greatest performances on



Modern Family: I began watching this show two years ago and have loved it, but I wasn’t sure how long the creators could keep coming up with new storylines.

Much to my delight, they have actually managed to flesh out the characters I have come to love with every passing episode and have created storylines that are always fresh. Watching the show, I have come realize that while the show is the funniest on television, it is also the one show that has the most to say about family and life in general. It features the best ensemble of actors on television and I am always eager to see what each week has in store.


New Girl: Every year, the major networks try their best to create new television shows that connect with a large base across the nation and will go on to be picked up for additional seasons. This last year, I found the FOX comedy New Girl to be the best of the new batch. Much like Modern Family, New Girl takes each episode and decides to talk about issues that the majority have encountered at one point in their lives or continually deal with on a daily basis. Star and producer Zooey Deschanel is also perfect for the lead role. It’s hard to find a comedic actress that is capable of carrying a weekly show, but Deschanel seems to be the perfect fit. With New Girl, Deschanel brings her unique comedic style and quirky relatability to television. The rest of the cast is great, the writing is sharp and always finds the perfect moment to make a more dramatic statement within each episode. The show has already been picked up for a second season and I personally hope there are many more.