New frozen yogurt shop opening in time for summer

Jordan Smith

A new treat is coming to town in the form of frozen yogurt chain: Cherry Berry.

Cherry Berry will be located in the Calla Center next to Qdoba. Cherry Berry’s real estate broker, Scott Blount of Lloyd Companies in Sioux Falls, says the people of Brookings can expect to taste the new frozen yogurt by the end of March.

Cherry Berry is the fastest growing specialty yogurt licensee. Originating in Oklahoma, Cherry Berry is a frozen yogurt and ice cream business offering 14 flavors of frozen yogurt and over 50 toppings to choose from.

According to Cherry Berry’s website, the toppings they offer range from “granola, cereals and fresh fruits, to all kinds of candies, sprinkles and even specialty items such as a variety of nuts.” It is a self-serve restaurant and charges by the ounce.

SDSU student and Brookings native Ashton Hanson said she’s excited for the new frozen treat to come to town.

“Cherry Berry is a healthy way to eat ice cream. It is also a fun experience with an endless amount of options,” Hanson said. “I can’t wait for it to come to Brookings.”

Jeff Weldon, Brookings City Manager, said Cherry Berry chose to come to Brookings because they believe the community is the right fit for their market. With locals and the SDSU campus down the road, Weldon said Cherry Berry “feels that they can be successful.”

Because of the success Cherry Berry has seen in Sioux Falls, Bloundt said he’s hopeful the same trend will take place in Brookings.

“[Cherry Berry] is looking forward to expanding to Brookings among other places in South Dakota because of the viable market and great space,” he said. “It has been wildly popular in Sioux Falls and it is not uncommon to see lines out the door at the two Sioux Falls locations in the summer.”

Blount said because Cherry Berry is expanding into Brookings and beyond, the licensee company’s main costs are the building space and expanding the market.

“Cherry Berry found a suitable location to rent and came [to Brookings] on its own,” said Weldon.

The licensee owners are not the only ones who feel Cherry Berry will do well in Brookings. The community and college student response has also been positive.

“I’ve never actually been there but I’ve heard that it’s fantastic. With Brookings growing so much over the years, any new addition we can get to the town is great,” said Sara Johnston, an SDSU student from Rapid City.

Weldon said Cherry Berry fills a hole in Brookings that many will find appealing.

“With [Cherry Berry’s] niche, they will be very successful,” said Weldon. “More business and commerce are helpful to increase the opportunity and variety of businesses in Brookings.”

The Cherry Berry licensee also plans to open locations in Mitchell, Watertown and Aberdeen.