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Issue: Apathy about student government and university issues is problematic.


South Dakota State students will elect their new Students’ Association senators, president and vice president March 21.

Election season is usually an exciting time on campus. Sidewalks are chalked, political posters are plastered in Rotunda and campus is buzzing.

However, if anyone hasn’t noticed, this year is different.

No college seat was contested and there is only one president and vice president ticket. This means next year’s Senate has already been decided before the votes are even counted.

We, at The Collegian, would have liked to see an election.

An election encourages students on campus to get involved with their student representatives. Usually students get to know their candidates through debates and campaigns. But what’s going to happen to this term’s senator-student relationships when students didn’t have an election to be engaged in?

SA needs to utilize student voices. When managing millions of dollars, sitting on committees responsible for new buildings and creating policies for students, the senators want to know students’ opinions.

SA works every day for students, but senators need your involvement and interest.

We, at The Collegian are disappointed with the student body and their apathy toward student governing body. Your senators need you.

Here’s how students can get involved this year:

Know who represents you
As the term begins, get to know new college senators. SA usually introduces senators on its social media accounts. They also update the Students’ Association page on the SDState website. There, students can access senator contact information.

All senators are required to spend two hours in the SA office each week. So, there’s almost always someone ready and willing to talk to students.

President-elect Allyson Monson said in a Collegian interview she wants more student interaction with SA in the upcoming year.

“I really want students to see Students’ Association has the open door,” Monson said. “If I could take off the door to [the] Students’ Association office I would, just to show the transparency that we want.”

Catch up with The Collegian

The Collegian covers every SA meeting in print, online and through live tweets @Collegian_Live

Read the SA agendas

Every week at the top of the Monday Rabbit Report there is a link to that week’s SA agenda. Students can see when senators will talk about new policies concerning student dollars and new clubs.

This isn’t to say senators are perfect either, not all of the blame falls on students. Senators should always strive to talk to constituents and look for opportunities to inform the campus communities on issues and ways to get involved with SA.

SDSU students, you failed to have a voice in this “election,” but don’t let apathy keep you silent.

Students and senators need to find a common middle ground.

The Collegian Editorial Board meets weekly and agrees on the issue of the editorial. The editorial represents the opinion of The Collegian.

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