Upcoming UPC Events


Aug. 27th is Welcome Back Bash. It will be the first event of the year, and Josh Vietti will be featured. He is an outstanding violinist who plays popular hip-hop songs and beats he has made while also playing the violin over it. There will also be inflatables, food and an outdoor movie. The event is completely free.

Poster sale will be happening the first week of school. It will be a great opportunity for students to pick out decorations and posters to hang in their dorm, apartment or office.

Sept. 8th UPC will be hosting a trip to Hugo, MN, for an adventure race called “The Warrior Run.” Runners will compete in a 5K obstacle course, including army crawls and jumping over fire, with lots of dirt involved.

Sept. 10 & 11th will feature back-to-back comedy nights with two different comedians. One of the comedians is Adam Grabowski, with the other to be determined. Lots of entertainment is in store for those who attend.


Sept. 15th is the 2nd Annual Hobos in the Park music festival with headliner David Ramirez. This event will showcase seven local bands and then Ramirez will headline in the evening. This year food/drinks will be sold. Artistic booths will be set up to make it an even more fun environment. It will be taking place on Sylvan Green, which is near the Campanile on the West side of campus.