The wonderful world of high-end beers

By Dan Roberts Juice Columnist

The craft beer makers are constantly looking for odd or strange types of beer to sell consumers. Each brewery has been continually pushing the envelope in terms of what ingredients they put in their beer. Below is a list of my top 5 craziest beers. The interesting thing about all of these is not the fact that people buy them, but that they pay A LOT of money for them.

#5  A Japanese brewery called Sankt Gallen recently released an elephant dung beer on April Fools’ Day (April 1). The thing is, this beer was not a joke. There technically was no actual elephant poop in the beer, but it was brewed with coffee beans that went through the elephant’s digestive system. This coffee sells for $500 a pound and each bottle of the Sankt Gallen beer went for roughly $50.

#4  There have been many breweries that have been competing for the World’s Strongest Beer title. A few breweries have gone back and forth for some time now and whenever there is a winner, the beer gets a weird name like “Tactical Nuclear Penguin” and “Start the Future.” The most recent beer to hold the title is from Brewmeister called “Armageddon.” I often hear people say they like Bud Light Platinum because it is 6 percent alcohol. Well, they will love this beer because it is 65 percent alcohol by volume.

#3  Being from Wisconsin, I have always thought that cheese goes well with anything. . Beer may be my one exception. The Belvoir Brewery has recently made a beer called “The Blue Brew,” which is made from a by-product of cheese making. I personally haven’t tried this one, but apparently it tastes creamy instead of cheesy.

#2  There is a lot of science that goes into finding the proper glass to drink a beer out of. Different shapes allow certain flavors and aromas to come out more. BrewDog has come up with an interesting way to drink their beer. They have a $765 bottle of beer that also is 55 percent alcohol. The odd part about this beer is what the bottle comes in: road kill. Each bottle of “The End of History” sold so far has featured a dead animal around the bottle. 

#1  Drinking too much beer, in general, has been known to create a “beer belly” or “beer gut.” When drinking too much beer, men claim that they have a condition called “beer goggles” in which women may appear more attractive than they actually are. A brewery in Bulgaria, however, claims that their beer will have a very different side effect, unlike these two common conditions. Men in Europe are buying Boza Beer by the case for their girlfriends because of the claim that this beer increases breast size. There are no scientific tests to prove this claim, but that’s not stopping people from buying it in the hope that it actually works.