Multicultural Center deserves new space

Christopher Boone II

The Multicultural Center is home to many students from different cultural backgrounds and cultural organizations and groups on campus.  One of the goals for the Multicultural Center states that we strive to “provide a welcoming environment for all students,” and to “implement multicultural and diversity educational programs to the campus community.”  But, are these goals attainable for a students located anywhere on campus? Does location actually matter? Are we thinking too much into this?

The Union has undergone much change in the past years; the relocation of various student-lead clubs and organizations, the addition of new dining facilities, the remodeling of existing entities, so on and so forth. However, not all union based organizations were given this opportunity; to expand or remodel. Once again, the Multicultural Center is left behind in the basement while other groups on the main level continue to benefit from The Union expansion. And no, this is not an article about race, class, status or what have you; this is an article questioning judgment and those who make those judgments. 

As a student, I’m questioning the judgment of SDSU leadership and their commitment to multicultural students and organizations on campus. Is the President or other university administrators on campus making these decisions or The Union staff and student leaders in the Students’ Association since they are the benefactors?  During my time here at SDSU, I feel the university has not had the multicultural students’ best interest in mind. 

Due to the fact that many students find trouble in locating and navigating the basement of The Union, it is near impossible to welcome and invite multicultural students to our hidden space in the basement. Having the Multicultural Center on the main level of The Union will allow students and people visiting the university to see, up front, what this university is about and what this university stands for. The Multicultural Center’s movement to a visible location would increase current student’s interests and participation in the center and hopefully help SDSU’s recruitment efforts. And yes, I certainly understand all the politics and planning behind such a request, but bring forth the joy and elation of those who will benefit from this and hopefully a consensus, regardless of fees, will conclude the necessity behind this idea.   

Now, this is not a plea or cry for attention, so as to create conflict between people, but rather a statement of concern from those who feel left out. In speaking for myself, the atmosphere created at a Black Student Alliance or a Latin American Student Association meeting is not easily emulated, the people in attendance genuinely enjoy themselves and enjoy participating. 

The space, however, is transferable but the atmosphere is contagious; a gift the Multicultural Center is more than willing and wanting to share with as many people as possible, up-close and personal, as soon as you enter the building. We support a student fee increase as a possible solution for the idea of the Multicultural Center moving up to a space where all students benefit. The students from the Multicultural Center hopefully will have the opportunity to meet with university administrators and student leaders to discuss this matter further.


Christopher Boone is the Black Student Alliance President. He can be reached at [email protected]