Teaching Learning Center relocates

Sara Bertsch Reporter


 In mid-September, the Teaching Learning Center, which is a resource dedicated to the faculty of SDSU, was relocated to a more spacious office in Briggs Library where the Honors College used to be. 

The Honors College was moved to its new location in the Honors Hall on campus. It was located in Briggs Library Room 126, which is now the new home of the TLC. The center has held various small and cramped locations throughout the library, but now this new move into a bigger and better office area is hoped to be its last.

For three years, the center has had one full time employee, Kevin Sackreiter who serves as the director. He also has two work study students there as well. Before, the center only employed part-time and this decreased its overall performance. 

The TLC works specifically for faculty of SDSU and works indirectly to students. This includes faculty at the Sioux Falls, Pierre, and Rapid City University Centers. 

According to Sackreiter, the center has four main focal points: faculty development, service learning, scholarship of teaching and learning, and the active learning cloud. These are achieved by holding events for faculty to improve themselves. Last year alone, there were around 80 events held. 

“The faculty views it as a place they come to get info, resources, and brainstorm ideas and focus on professional development,” Sackreiter said. 

With its new location in Briggs Library, Sackreiter hopes to have even more events and improve the center’s effectiveness to the faculty. As stated on SDSU’s website about the center, there are year round on-campus workshops and professional development opportunities. Also, services such as web-based tutorials, workshops, and virtual professional development opportunities through the TLC InsideState Website are available for faculty.

With the center and the resources it provides, SDSU is a leader of faculty development in South Dakota according to Sackreiter. “It is one of the real strengths of SDSU,” he said. “The center is 100 percent dedicated to the faculty.” 

“The impact of the Teaching Learning Center is far-reaching,” Elizabeth Tolman, professor in the Communication Studies and Theatre department said.

Most of the events put on by the center are held in The Union and sometimes in a specific department if they request it. All the resources, however, are located at the TLC. 

Randy Clark, Associate Professor in the department of Visual Arts says the Teaching Learning Center is one of the many things that set SDSU apart from other universities. 

“When Kevin came to the center, he seemed to breathe life into it. He made it so faculty looks to it and appreciates as an excellent resource,” Clark said. 

Even though the center works strictly for faculty only, they also do extensive work with teaching assistants. This includes education based projects and additional support for many of them. 

“Kevin’s knowledge spans from service-learning, online instruction, instructional methods, the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, and how to provide instructional support for Graduate