Single or coupled? Tips for Valentine’s Day

Emily Bouta Juice Editor

Make sure you know your date’s styles before you go out and purchase the special gift that your date would like. 

While some people like the big extravagant items, others like a simple gift. 

Also make sure you have enough money in your budget for Valentine’s Day. You don’t want to be at the restaurant and your card be declined. If you don’t have enough,  then plan for a night of watching movies and telling each other how much you love one another. 

Valentine’s Day can be a great holiday, if you know what you’re doing. If given the wrong gift, or no gift at all, fights between couples can happen and not to mention break ups can occur. Stick with me boys and girls and your Valentine’s Day will be filled with love. Here’s a few suggestions that will make your Valentine’s Day memorable:


Chocolates/flowers – Depending on whom you’re dating, this can either be a small thing or a really big thing. If your significant other likes more extravagant things, then the bigger the bouquet and box of chocolates the better. But if your date is simple then maybe a tiny teddy bear holding a box of chocolates with a flower in his hand is the way to go. 


Make dinner or go out –Be sure to plan ahead because you don’t want it to be the day of and not know where you’re going. This leads to the “I don’t know, where do you want to go” argument. If you are planning to make dinner, be sure to purchase the ingredients ahead of time also. 


Homemade gifts – It shows how much you care for your date. Taking the time to make something that they really want instead of a corporate brand can score some points. Start hinting now to give some time for them to actually make it. The project might turn out to be bigger than you actually thought. 


Indoor picnic – Make him/her their favorite food and pick out a movie, spend the night gushing over how amazing he or she is.


Poetry – Snaps for you if you can make romantic poetry without it being “roses are red, violets are blue.” Yes it’s simple, but will your date think that you tried too hard? No. Look up most romantic poems and woo them with the romance.  

Hate Valentine’s Day? The day where everyone is in love and is carrying around flowers and giant teddy bears? Then listen to these three tips on how to avoid the “day of love.” 


1. Hide in your room – why go outside and torture yourself when you can stay in and watch an action movie filled with fight scenes. 

2. Avoid social networking – all day long there will be pictures of couples and presents. Don’t look at them. It will just make you angry and want to change your status to something horrible.


3. Don’t tell people that you hate Valentine’s Day – it will make them want to convince you that the day is so great, instead just be very quiet. No one will suspect a thing.