NYC known for its style

By: Jordan Smith Editor-In-Chief

I spent this summer interning in New York City. I learned a lot about fashion by watching people. New York City residents are known for their polished, sometimes wacky, street style. I found that people even looked very put together to run simple errands. There were three general categories of style: people who looked like they just stepped out of Vogue, people who just came from their designer workout class (or who wanted you to think they did) and people wearing bizarre, skin-baring outfits. You never know who you may run into, or what you may want to Instagram next, so looking your best at all times isn’t even a question in the Big Apple. Style is everywhere – “it’s the fashion capital of the world” and with New York Fashion Week in full swing here are some things I learned while living in the greatest city in the world, and a few lessons from fashion week.

Prints –

Think huge. The 70s are coming back for spring with a modern twist. We’re talking bright, bold and geometric. Bold blues and bright oranges will be the colors to try for spring. I love a good print pant, 

they make a statement and they can often be more comfortable than jeans. If you’re not willing to try something quite so quirky, opt for a tank layered under a cardigan or a printed scarf to add some punch.


It looks like activewear is inspiring designers from Alexander Wang to Betsey Johnson. Wang’s collection is inspired by our cultures’ recent fascination with sneakers. All prints and patterns on dresses and tops resemble sneakers. Keep in mind – this activewear style doesn’t mean pulling on some baggy sweatpants, it requires a bit of effort to pull together. It could mean looking put together with utilitarian track pants and a cute top. The one thing you won’t find in Wang’s collection: sneakers.


New York City, and of course Brookings, can get very humid in the summer and stay that way into the fall.  Although NYFW highlights trends for spring, this doesn’t mean you can’t copy the hairstyles now. Braids were hot on the runway, and this summer I found the best way to beat the humidity was with a messy braid. Braids can be dressed up or down, and are not limited to a traditional braid, or a fishtail — the options are endless. Get inspired by tutorials on Pinterest. 

What I learned from my summer in the city, and checking out the variety of street style, is go for it. Someone is always going to look more ridiculous than you, and the worst thing that can happen is you get a second glance. As long as you feel confident, take the risk. If you want to wear that long tutu skirt hanging in your closet, do it. That pair of wild print pants been dying to try? Rock them. Remember to stay true to your own style, and even try experimenting with new trends. Just because we’re not in the fashion capital of the world doesn’t mean we can’t dress like it.