Columnist celebrates a new football season

By: Brianna Arity Columnist

Football is back. It is one of the most popular sports in American history and spans from the NFL to intramural competition. From the black drawn under players’ eyes to the cleats digging in the fresh cut grass, it makes you want to celebrate every catch with a ritualistic touchdown dance.

  I don’t know what it is, but almost everyone gets into football. If you aren’t talking about it, watching it, or playing it, you are probably at a party ignoring the game and socializing. You can’t escape it. Saturday’s are filled with fans eager to fill tailgating lots hours before the kickoff. Sunday’s are built around televisions plastered with sports programs while fans eat wings and drink beer. Jerseys are worn by newborn babies forced to live and breathe their parents team colors. 

Football is like a drug to many Americans. SportsCenter is popping up notifications all over our  smartphones and mini footballs are decorating offices across buildings. Elementary students are making paper footballs and flicking them through handmade field goals. Wall ball games are replaced with touch football on playgrounds and teacher’s ties are decorated with their team’s logo. Overalls are striped in team colors, hair is dyed, and foam fingers are waved.

It is football; a sport. You almost have to enjoy it because the comradery on and off the field is huge. You forget about your worries and have fun and make memories. 

  Go in the stands and sit where it’s comfortable. Don’t watch the game from the student sections unless you want to stand the whole game. You can crowd surf if you must but remember that you will probably be dropped. Be respectful of older fans of the game. No one likes someone who blocks their view. Don’t be obnoxious and don’t be stupid.

Football brings fans together for one of the biggest celebrations that can be done every week. Intramural, college and professional football are all competitive and bring out the hulks in all of us. Contain the excitement until the party starts and hold on for the ride. Chips and dip aren’t enough to celebrate this occasion. Football is back. 

Brianna Arity is majoring early childhood education. She can be reached at [email protected]