Why should you go greek?

Jordan Bierbrauer Opinion Editor

The media has played on stereotypes of countless groups and organizations over the years including political groups and even certain ethnicities to an extreme level. Nonetheless, the media can have an impact on the ways individuals view various groups. Two particular organizations have had their images slurred because of media: fraternities and sororities.

Movies such as “Animal House,” “The House Bunny,” and “Neighbors” have given Greek Life the image of nothing but mindless partiers, uneducated individuals and thick-headed kids that are living off of mom and dad’s money. Some of these movies even have scenes in them where pledges, or new members, are going through hazing to gain acceptance within the chapter.

These scenes give Greek Life a negative image, as the hazing portrayed in these movies usually involve some mental or physical abuse. Actions like these are generalized to all of Greek Life, and not just individual chapters.

I am not going to sit here and claim that parties and hazing do not happen within Greek Life, mainly for the fact that I am not sure if they do, for any Greek organization is usually under oath not to spill any secrets regarding the chapter, but I will say that just because Greek Life is portrayed the way it is in media does not mean that is how it truly is in real life.

Now my opinion on Greek Life is a little biased since I am the president of Lambda Chi Alpha at SDSU, but I do not simply have my opinions of Greek Life just because I am involved in it; I have my opinions because of my experiences.

Going Greek has really changed my college experience.

When I first came to SDSU, I knew two people, and that was it. Of course I met other people, but I was not really involved in anything on campus until one day a guy on my floor started talking about Lambda Chi Alpha. Once my friends started looking into it, I did the same.

What I was introduced to was a group of guys that were in the same situation I was: curious about what the heck it meant to be Greek. I quickly learned that Greek Life was not about the parties or benefits but more about belonging to a group that will always have your back.

I know that any one of my brothers would have my back in any situation because being a part of a fraternity is not so much about individual growth as it is about group growth.

You are initiated with a class of individuals, and you grow with that class throughout your entire undergraduate experience at school. They are your backbone and your key to staying sane and successful in school. Joining Lambda Chi Alpha is a decision I have never regretted, for it gave me a sense of belonging and an escape from school. Most importantly, it gave me lifelong friends.

I think it is important for anyone to become active in college – with any organization. But if someone were to ask my opinion of what they should do I would direct them towards Greek Life without a moment’s hesitation, because when one goes Greek he or she will be formed into the person they will be for the rest of their life, and they will gain more connections and friendships then they could had ever imagined.

Everyone is born into a family, but Greek Life is a family you choose.

Jordan Bierbrauer is a psychology major and can be reached at [email protected].