Obligatory Tebow Column

That’s right ladies and gentlemen. The Mile High Messiah, Heaven’s Heisman, the “Football Jesus” is back in the NFL in a playing capacity.

The Philadelphia Eagles signed 27-year-old quarterback Tim Tebow to a one year deal for the league minimum.

Tebow has been out of football since the 2013 preseason he spent with the New England Patriots. His last regular season action came in 2012 with the New York Jets and his last touchdown pass was in 2011 with the Denver Broncos.

No doubt many are aware of Tebow’s career exploits, and quite honestly the keystrokes and space needed to describe his over talked adventures in collegiate and professional football don’t feel necessary, nor do I think I can do the craze that was “Tebowmania” true justice via type. So instead, I want to focus on Tebow’s current situation in Philly.

Theoretically, Tebow is being brought in to compete for the third string quarterback spot, as the top two spots would appear to be occupied by Sam Bradford and Mark Sanchez. Other quarterbacks currently include Matt Barkley, the third year backup who has seen limited action out of Southern California, and GJ Kinne, who came out of Tulsa in 2012 and whose only career professional football regular season time was spent with an entity known as the Omaha Nighthawks of the now defunct United Football League.

Considering reports are saying that the Eagles were trying to trade Barkley to clear the spot for Tebow and looking at Kinne’s track record for making rosters (I’m going to assume that a rash of injuries is the only thing that will get him a spot on the 53 man roster), it seems at first glance that Tebow has a leg up on that third quarterback spot. But, as has been the case with many of the big time moves the Eagles have been involved in this offseason, there is a feeling that Eagles Head Coach Chip Kelly has a grand scheme in the works and acquiring Tebow seems to part of that scheme.

Given that trading Barkley to the Dolphins was near imminent and the only thing that prevented the Eagles from signing Tebow sooner after their workout with him a few weeks ago (they brought Tebow on now so he could be the part of the off-season program), I think it’s likely that Barkley will remain on the trading block until he is moved for a late-round draft pick.

If Barkley and Kinne are out, then it looks like Tebow will have a third string spot locked up.

But the big question is what will his capacity be if he makes the roster? Will he be a utility ball carrier in some sort of special package that the Wizard Kelly has devised where he fills some sort of running back/quarterback hybrid? Will it be a special teams and wildcat experiment like the failed one Tebow was the subject of in New York?

Or… and this one is even scarier… has Tebow improved enough as a passer in the last 18 months to make a push to become a true NFL starting quarterback?

Tom House, the former MLB pitcher turned quarterback guru who has worked with Tebow in his time out of the NFL, has told multiple NFL sources that they have “fixed” a lot of the issues Tebow previously had throwing the ball, and that Tebow satisfied the legendary 10,000 hour rule, 10,000 hours of practice to break a bad habit to replace it with the desired one, to embed his new throwing motion into his muscle memory.

This shakes out one of two ways the way I see it. Either Tebow gets to Philly and reestablishes what he was in all his previous NFL stops in terms of both athleticism and inaccuracy, leading to his final unceremonious exit from the league, or he shows he’s made some improvements and carves out a role either as a utility or starting QB with the Eagles and is finally able to stick in the league for a few more years.

Either way, this feels like it might be Tim Tebow’s last shot, and you can bet that God and everybody will be watching.