Writer predicts NBA playoffs

Andrew Holtan Sports Writer

The NBA Playoffs officially began on Saturday and we’re in for a treat.

I believe this is one of those years where close to 10 teams have a shot at winning it all. 

I see the top two seeds in the West getting to the Western Conference Finals. I think this will be a great match up as two of the NBA’s rising stars in Stephen Curry of the Warriors and James Harden of the Rockets would battle it out. Dwight Howard is definitely a mismatch against the Warriors as he brings such a physical presence down low for Rockets.

In the end I just don’t think the Rockets have a good enough defense to stop the Warriors. The Warriors also have home court advantage, they’ve only lost two at home the year and I just don’t see the Rockets winning there.

The East I believe will be decided in the second round between the Bulls and the Cavaliers. I see either teams easily getting by Atlanta in the conference finals. This Bulls and Cavaliers series should be a dandy.

With the return of Derrick Rose I believe the the Bulls have the best starting lineup in the league. I think this series will go seven games and I see the Bulls winning. I think they’ll win because Jimmy Butler will be on LeBron James and if he can slow him down I don’t know if the Cavs have enough weapons to match up against the Bulls. I have the Bulls going to the NBA Finals.

If this were the NBA Finals, boy would we be in for treat.

Steph Curry aka the “Baby Face Assassin” facing off against Derrick Rose, who is returning from two knee surgeries. Golden State hasn’t won a championship since 1975. The Bulls have not won since 1998 back when Michael Jordan was the king of the NBA. This series will come down to can Derrick Rose contain Steph Curry and can the Golden State big men guard Pau Gasol and Joakim Noah. I think the Warriors home crowd and Steph Curry will carry them to their first championship in forty years. 

It should be a couple of fun months with basketball being played at the highest level every night.