Hello, it’s me

HAILEY KLINE Lifestyles Editor

It’s so typical of me talk about myself, I’m sorry. 

My name’s Hailey Kline: avid lover of Harry Styles, chai tea and excessive napping.

I’m also the new Lifestyles Editor of The Collegian. I’m a freshman majoring in journalism with an emphasis in news editorial.

Originally, I’m from Aberdeen, S.D., but my college of choice led me to Brookings.

If I’m not scanning through Pinterest in my dorm room, I can usually be found at the Wellness Center, attempting to avoid the Freshman 15. However, on very rare occasions, I can be spotted in the library…still probably scanning Pinterest.

One pastime I find consuming most of my free time is writing. I love constantly improving in this area and seeing what I can create out of a combination of 26 simple letters. Along with my desire to write, I find that reading a variety of material has also helped improve my skills. Anything from young adult fiction novels to best-selling memoirs spark my interest and usually force me to binge-read the entire book within a few days. 

Being a newbie to the team, I definitely feel I have a lot to prove. Believe me, I do not take this new position lightly. My goal for this semester is not only to display my passion in writing to my fellow students, but to prepare myself for my future career.

No matter what occupation I choose to pursue, I know that my experience and knowledge gained here at The Collegian will be beneficial. Communication skills and strategic thinking are necessary in the field of journalism, and I feel The Collegian team creates an atmosphere where these skills become natural.

I hope you all enjoy the Lifestyles Section throughout the semester and find the stories as interesting as I do.