Everbridge is not the only system SDSU invests in for the safety of its students: Alertus Desktop Notification and Jackrabbits Guardian are also two main systems that help keep campus secure.

Alertus takes over all campus computers with this software when there is an emergency on hand and flashes what to do on the screen. In case of an active shooter, a screen may flash and make noise to alert a class in session and instruct them on what to do to stay safe, whether it be to evacuate or hide.

Jackrabbits Guardian, part of a free app called Rave Guardian, lets users set safety timers based on how long it should take them to get from point A to point B. If the user does not reset the safety timer they set at the beginning of their journey, family, friends, roommates and anyone else the user has as a contact will be notified that the individual may be in danger.

Bevin Clapper, senior nursing student, said she feels safer with such security measures put in place on campus.

“When there is a danger on campus I appreciate the location being included so I can avoid it,” Clapper said. “The Rave Guardian system is reassuring when I walk across campus at night.”