SA proposes changes to excused absence policies


Interviews are an integral part of the job-searching process. For college students preparing for graduation, many of them have to schedule those interviews, usually landing during the workweek.

Students may get excused absences for professional interviews later this year if Students’ Association senators get their way.

The excused absence policy will only work for students applying for a career, not an everyday job, said SA President Ally Helms.

There’s no policy set forth yet for the excused absence as university officials continue to review the proposal.

Helms also announced Interim Provost Dennis Hedge will talk at a future SA meeting to update senators on policy changes for SGR and IGR requirements.

Finance Chair Nick Lorang updated senators about a change to the General Activity Fee (GAF). The GAF is the same as last year, though the athletics portion decreased by 39 cents. Other parts of the GAF increased to balance the fund out.

The next SA meeting will be 7 p.m. Monday, Sept. 26, in the Lewis and Clark Room in the Upper Level of the Union.