CAFES students find their flavor at hot chocolate social



Abby Hopp, Agricultural Reporter

Pierson lobby was filled with hot chocolate and many clubs and organizations as College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences students try to find which clubs interest them.

The CAFES Prexy Council hosted a Hot Chocolate Social hosted Wednesday.

“The hot chocolate social is a unique event because the goal is dependent on what each club wants to get out of it,” said Rebekka Paskewitz, Prexy Council Executive member. “We encourage each club to represent themselves and engage with students who may be new to the college or interested in trying something new in the spring semester.”

The social was a great turnout with more than 15 agriculture clubs present.

“It was nice to see a strong club turnout with unique ideas promoting involvement,” Paskewitz said. “With proper advertisement and a new atmosphere, the social proved to be a positive event for clubs to mingle.”


Dairy Club President, Jenna Van Wyk agreed.

“By engaging with new individuals, we were able to better explain what Dairy Club is and what we do so they can get involved,” Van Wyk said. “In result, we were able to get contacts for new members at the social.”

Prexy Council members are looking at new ways to better engage the clubs throughout the year and in future socials.

This year the social was move upstairs in Pierson Hall rather than the basement Hobo Hangout.

“Moving the social upstairs was a positive move to create a more noticeable and accessible event,” Paskewitz said. “It provided a more inclusive environment for any residents and visitors of Pierson to become involved.”