The Collegian’s wildest dreams for 2019 and all it can offer


Editorial Board

2018 was a year full of highs, lows and an abnormal number of hurricanes — but when the calendar reset the world adopted a new sense of optimism for 2019 and all it has to offer.

While reflecting on some of the year’s trials and tribulations, we, at The Collegian, found ourselves more than ready to enter a new year.

At the beginning of a new semester we sit down and share any goals or aspirations we have for the the newspaper, our classes and our personal lives. We have found that we seldomly accomplish every task we had hoped, but that only inspired us to stretch our imaginations further.

A 2013 Forbes article found that, though nearly 40 percent of Americans make New Year’s resolutions, only eight percent actually succeed. Since the odds already seem stacked against us, the Collegian Editorial Board decided to make a dream-filled resolution list of its own.

1. Get more people to read The Collegian.

2. End the year with less flat- Earth theorists than we started with.

3. Invent a new sushi roll — name it after a Hemsworth brother.

4. Prove Santa is real.

5. Popularize banjo music.

6. Find proof of Iowa’s existence.

7. Walk on Mars.

8. Wear less vests.

9. Save the bees.

10. Kill Thanos and effectively end the Infinity War.

Our ideas may be far-fetched, but we’re ready to take on 2019, one resolution at a time.

The Collegian Editorial Board meets weekly and agrees on the issue of the editorial. The editorial represents the