Larson Commons takes first steps in remodel


Blake Pulse, Reporter

Larson Commons, South Dakota State University’s long-standing dining hall,  is preparing to remodel its dining spaces, and add a study space for students to work. 

In the time since Larson Commons was constructed, it has seen very few renovations to the kitchen and equipment.  


“A lot of the equipment is original to the facility, we have replaced a few things here and there when needed, but a lot of the equipment is original to the construction of Larson’s,” Douglas Wermedal, associate vice president for Student Affairs, said.


Members of the Students’ Association Senate, Community Assistants, Residence Hall Association and the University Food Service Advisory Committee (UFSAC) are set to meet this week to kick off the study space and discuss the future of Larson Commons.  


There will be opportunities for students to give their input and feedback as this process begins with a study space. 


“I am excited that student input is going to be so prioritized, because it’s a space that students traditionally use for two years, multiple times a week, so it is super important that students are involved in the decision-making process,” Anna Shane, the Students’ Association government affairs chair and student representative on the UFSAC Committee, said.


During the fall 2021 semester, students will receive a survey where they can give input on what they would like to see included in this renovation. 


After the survey, a committee will be formed and tasked with leading the charge on completing the plans for the update. 


This committee will have the opportunity to visit other institutions and see how their dining halls are set up and operate.  


“I want to make sure that Larson’s is still accessible, updating equipment that could potentially lead to more food options and just giving Larson’s a nice facelift,” Shane said.


The remodel will include more than just the second-level dining hall. University officials are also looking at upgrades to the C-Store and possibly adding an eSports location that could be housed in Larson, Wermedal said.

“We will take this year to plan and can expect construction to begin in the spring of 2022,” Wermedal said.