Man on the Street: What are you looking forward to this semester?


Griffin Tonsager, Copy Editor (He/Him)

Eric Lohr, Freshman, Music Education:

E: “Ah, I think my concerts in person, and the songs we’re singing for choir. Students can go to them, they’re all for free, and all of them are livestreamed on Facebook.”





Dallas Brooks, Freshman, Nursing:

D: “I am. I feel like with the vaccine and everything it might be a great improvement over the lifestyle that we had last semester with everybody being afraid of getting sick and everything. So I’m hoping that it’s better and that we’ll get to socialize and do more activities like that this semester.”



Kayla Christopherson, Sophomore, Biotechnology:

K: “It’s good to be back with my friends, my teammates. I mean, when you came and talked to us we were all laughing so much, so it’s been really good to be back with them.”





Nyah Kleindl, Sophomore, Psychology:

N: “I am. Actually my schedule is perfect this year, so I will have awesome classes. I’m pretty excited. I’m taking a class with Josh Westwick, we’re taking a small group communication class with him, so that’s probably what I’m most excited about is this semester.”



Andrew Beckman, Junior, Mechanical Engineering:

A: “It’s gonna be a challenge, especially after last semester. Classes are a little interesting, especially with them being online, so I’m looking forward to the challenge, but also dreading it.”

A: “I’m looking forward to classes opening up a little more on the face-to-face interaction, actually seeing my classmates again and just making those networks and connections, which is what college life is all about. I’m starting off strong. We don’t really do syllabus week, we jump right into it. They basically said, ‘remember this from last semester? Yeah, we’re picking up from right there,’ so it’s going fine.”