Spring weather prompts outdoor activities in Brookings



Danielle Sons, Lifestyles Reporter

Now that the snow has almost melted and the sun is radiating, Brookings is coming back to life. The Brookings community offers a multitude of activities sure to keep everyone occupied and satisfied during the spring months.

One of the first signs of spring is the opening of outdoor patios around town. Local bars and restaurants such as Cubby’s Sports Bar and Grill, Craft Italian-American Fusion and Nick’s Hamburger Shop have all brushed off its outdoor seating for people to enjoy.

Other than outdoor dining, there are also a lot of opportunities to enjoy the nice weather in a more adventurous way. The Dakota Nature Park has many trials and scenery to see, and McCrory Gardens provides peaceful places to hang out.

“I like to go to McCrory and set down a blanket on one of the open patches of grass there,” said sophomore human development and family studies major Heather Page. “My friends and I do homework and lay out in the sun and take in the fact that spring is here.”

Simply hanging around Brookings is also a great way to make the most of spring. There is an 18-hole disc golf course in Larson Park which also has walking trial for when you want a breath of fresh air.

Frisbee golf is a great way to get your heart rate up, as with any sport, and there are many open patches of grass on campus to start up a game.

Relaxing can be as easy as finding two trees to hang up a hammock, put on some music and settle down for a quick nap or drinking an iced vanilla latte while sitting on patios.

“I really enjoy going to get coffee and walking around downtown. I also like watching my friends play disc golf at Larson Park,” sophomore biochemistry major Molly Whitebull said.

Enjoying springtime is easy to do, even with limited equipment, and staying active on and off campus can be made easy if all that is needed is an athletic ball and some friends.

“When it finally starts to warm up in Brookings I like to go to one of the open patches of grass on campus and throw a football around with my friends,” said sophomore agronomy major Emily Johnson.

Outdoor volleyball courts all around campus will be ready to play on as soon as the sand gets softer, and there are tennis courts around town that are open to the public as well.

Getting sweaty might not be appealing to everyone though. Activities that have a more laid back day might include taking a trip to all the local boutiques in town.

Shopping is a great way to stay cool  and buy some great summer outfits, and downtown Brookings has numerous boutiques where you’re sure to score the latest fashion trends.

If shopping at Trendz isn’t how you want to spend the day, farther outside of town is a more active way to go.

Hitting up the gun range just at the Brookings County Outdoor Adventure Center is another great way to wind down and practice some target shooting.

Brookings has spring activities for anyone who may be feeling weighed down by the stress of the looming finals week, and capitalizing on these opportunities is a great way to gear up for tests, projects and soon enough summer.