Economics prof. retires

Nichole Griffith

Nichole Griffith

Nichole Grififth

C&C EditorLong time SDSU Economics professor Howard “Rocky” Gilbert retired in December, after nearly 35 years of teaching.

Gilbert said he went into teaching because he always enjoyed being a student and liked sharing his knowledge with others.

While working on his master’s degree from Washington State University, Gilbert discovered a liking for agricultural economics. His first chance at teaching came at Oregon State University where he was working on his doctorate.

He also added that no matter what the subject being taught, students need to be able to realized their full potential from their academic areas.

Gilbert will miss the students the most, and is looking forward not have to make daily decisions about what to do. He will stay in close contact with Lambda Chi Alpha, where he serves as an adviser.

He is also currently writing a book about gay men involved in straight relationships.

“The purpose of this book is to help men in these situations become more comfortable and secure and also to clarify their own thinking,” said Gilbert.