College Democrats, Republicans offer students a chance to get involved in critical campaign year

Brian Borden

Brian Borden

The College Democrats and the College Republicans are living proof that college students do care about politics.

The Democrats meet every Monday at 5 p.m. in the Jackrabbit Room and the Republicans meet about every other Wednesday at 6 p.m. Freshman Sara Landau, a physics and chemistry major, said she joined College Democrats because she wanted to be involved.

“Last year, I took a government course where I learn how much the government affects our lives but how little most people participate in the governmental process, so I decided to get involved,” Landau said.

“When I initially joined, I thought it would be all politics and candidates. However, while we do a fair amount in regards to them, we do have other things on which we focus, such as humanitarian projects and that for me, was an added bonus,” Landau said.

“So far, we have sponsored a number of voter registration tables in the Breezeway. We also went to a gathering in Sioux Falls for College Democrats that was held by the Johnson campaign, which was really fun,Landau added. “We helped out when Tom Daschle and Tim Johnson came to campus and have had a number of candidates for the primaries come and speak at our meetings.”

The College Democrats recently hosted Rick Weiland, who announced his candidacy for Congress. They have also sponsored the Women in Politics Forum.

Junior Nicole Christopherson, an English major and president of the College Republicans, said the goals of the club are to get students involved.

“Our main goal is to introduce students to candidates throughout the county and state and get involved in politics,” Christopherson said.

“It’s also a chance for them to meet other students that believe in the same things they do,” Christopherson said.

Senior Kevin Maxwell, a political science major, said he was involved with the Republicans before he got to SDSU.

“I was involved with Teenage Republicans in high school and many friends I made throughout the state joined College Republicans as well,” Maxwell said. “Our state convention is fun and as a former state officer, I’ve been able to travel to Las Vegas, West Palm Beach, Omaha and Washington, D.C.”

“The College Republicans help on all aspects of the campaign. A college Republican can write a letter to the editor promoting an excellent candidate for office. They can help pass out stickers or put up road signs,” he said.

“Even an occasional literature drop to tell the community about a candidate for public office. The most important thing that we do is encourage fellow students to get out and vote because the college student is typically the only unheard voice in politics.”

Maxwell also added that Steve Kirby and Mark Barnett were on campus April 9. Larry Pressler and Larry Diedrich have been on campus and discussed their congressional campaigns.

He said that they are hoping Tim Amdahl and Gov. .Bill Janklow will visit before the end of the semester. John Thune has also been on campus a few times to field student questions.

Students should email [email protected]. to find the next time the Republicans meet.