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Dear Editor,

Recently the Collegian printed a letter from Nicole Christopherson, an SDSU student, who widely criticized Senator Tim Johnson on a variety of topics, and then went on to praise John Thune who she claims, represents her values.

I think it is great that Nicole is willing to share her political beliefs with our community, but I think she forgot to mention one important point as she bashed our Senator, and complimented his opponent. Nicole failed to mentioned that she works for John Thune, as in is a paid member of his campaign staff. This would have been important information for readers to consider as she spouted rhetoric that seemed suspiciously similar to what comes directly out of Thune’s spin shop.

Also, one point that I found extremely ironic with Christopherson’s argument was her disdain for Senator Johnson’s powerful position on the Appropriations Committee. You would think that as student at SDSU, she would appreciate at the very least the great benefits that Johnson’s influence has brought the college through various research grants and building construction projects which we would not have without Tim Johnson’s work.

I appreciate Nicole’s opinions, but I must say that I disagree, and it is Tim Johnson, not John Thune, who represents my values (especially when you hear that Thune pays his employees to write letters to the editor).

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