Libby advises on depressed roommates, ice cream bar

Libby Hill

Libby Hill

Libby Hill is not a trained counselor. Her column is for entertainment purposes only.

Dear Libby —

I have lived with my roommate for all three years of my college career. When we first met, she was fun and open and enjoyed going out to do things.

Now, it seems like a chore for her to get out of bed and go to class. Most days, she doesn’t go at all.

I miss the old, fun roommate. I’m worried she’s depressed. Is that possible?


Dear Worried ?

It sounds like you have every reason to be concerned. Have you talked to your roommate about her changes in demeanor? Is there anything going on in her life outside of school that could be causing these changes?

Regardless of whether or not you know the answers to these questions, Worried, you need to tell your roommate how alarmed her behavior is making you. You must strongly encourage her to look into counseling, because she’s heading down a dangerous road right now. Tell her that there are lots of quality counselors available at the counseling center on campus, which is free to SDSU students.

Listen Worried, if your roommate blows you off and you’re still concerned, then you need to go to someone else for help. Maybe an RA, or another friend, or even, God forbid, her mother. Your roommate may feel like you’re overreacting, but eventually she’ll see your concern as the symbol of love that it is.

To contact the SDSU counseling center call 688-6146 or stop by 112 West Hall.

Dear Libby —

I can’t find anything to eat on campus. I think I must have tried everything in all three dining areas and nothing appeals to me. I have over $700 in meal plan money and I want to make sure I spend most of it, if not all of it.

What do you recommend?


Dear Hungry ?

I hear this complaint a lot, and I have to say that on some level I can relate to it. It’s not that there aren’t options at all these wonderful food stops, it’s just that some people, like myself (and from how it sounds, yourself Hungry) are picky and have trouble finding things we like.

I can think of several options for you, Hungry. First of all, you could visit the campus C-Store and utilize your meal plan dollars that way. Sure, things tend to be a bit more expensive there, but that’s the price you pay for convenience, and, well, as a way to get rid of that gargantuan meal plan you find yourself saddled with. I like this option as it gives you the freedom to buy nearly anything you want, thus picky tastes go satiated.

Option number two is a little off beat, but not completely unheard of. In fact, I seem to recall living on this option for at least a month or two my freshman year. Okay Hungry, you know of the mythical SDSU dairy bar, correct? Well, this wonderful institution serves numerous types of homemade ice cream and also lots of different cheeses! Personally, I think this menu could provide lots of options for you. Just think, you could have a different ice cream and/or cheese every day of the week! Are you as excited as I am?!?! Probably not ?

Anyway, these are two options for you, take ’em or leave ’em, or get used to cereal every night at Larson’s.

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