SA allocates funds to Phi Tau Sigma

Jared Clark

Jared Clark

Students’ Association Senators approved a special allocation for Phi Tau Sigma at their Feb. 3 meeting in the lobby of Waneta Hall.

Andrea Twedt, president of Phi Tau Sigma, met with the SA to ask for $840 to support sending five members to a national conference.

Because the fraternity accepts only the highest academically achieving engineering students, she said she would like to see her members attend the conference with the smallest out-of-pocket expense.

The honorary mechanical engineering fraternity provides tutoring services to engineering students on campus, said Twedt. Conference attendees would learn new ways to expand the organization, particularly to do more community service.

“This year we have $20,000 to work with. Not enough students know they can get funding from the Student Association on campus,” said SA Vice President Ben Solomon in support of the appropriation. “I say we fund it, for the full amount.’

In opposition, Senator Emily Hauge said she felt Phi Tau Sigma could have spent more effort on raising funds from other source.

After discussion, the special allocation passed.