SA Senate passes resolution on smoking rules

Jared Clark

Jared Clark

The Students’ Association Senate approved a smoking resolution at their Monday meeting, adding restrictions to the placement of cigarette receptacles.

The resolution, written by newly elected at-large Senator Seth Koch, acknowledges new smoking restrictions put into place by residential life and supplants it by restricting the placement of smoking receptacles to further than 20 feet away from building entrances.

“This last week, I’ve talked to a lot of my fellow students, and there’s a big problem with students standing inside and just outside of doorways smoking,” Koch said. “There are a lot of places where people smoke that [are in the way] of [nonsmoking] students.”

“If we move the receptacles away from the building, people will just throw their cigarettes on the ground,” said Senator Josh Lichty, who suggested a clause that might just make provisions to discourage smoking near doorways.

The resolution passed unanimously without amendment.